Black Dog PhytoMAX 600 LED Gorilla Grow Tent 5′ X 5′ Combo

Black Dog LED has taken all the guesswork out of selecting the most efficient equipment for a grow setup! Our grow room kits are created the usage of the most efficient the industry has to offer. We start with a genuine Black Dog LED PhytoMAX grow light. Next, we include the as it should be-sized Gorilla Grow Tent, and then add important extras like the original Max-Fan, the most powerful and reliable fan in the industry. Our grow room kits are designed to verify maximum yields with minimal effort!

*(1) PhytoMAX 600 light with our proprietary Phyto-Genesis SpectrumTM to maximize vegetative growth and flowering yield

•5′ x 5′ Gorilla Grow Tent — Black Dog LED’s heavy duty tent with bonus additional 1 foot extension

•One (1) 6″ Max-Fan — the ultimate in efficiency and quiet operation with a 3-speed controller built in

•DuraBreeze Ducting, 25′ of 6″ duct, complete with four (4) zip ties and black interior to minimize light reflection throughout dark cycles

•Aluminum Duct Tape – 30′

•One (1) Programmable Outlet Thermostat — automatically keep watch over the Max-Fan to handle the very best temperature

•Two (2) Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V — turn the lights on and off at the appropriate times

•Black Dog LED Grow Glasses — Be kind to your eyes! Color correction, protection, and comfort for your eyes so you’ll tend and enjoy your garden to the fullest, exclusively designed by Method 7, the most efficient in the industry in protective gardening eyewear

•Sunleaves Digital Min/Max Hygro-Thermometer, Large — displays current humidity levels and temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius and records high and low points
Complete Gorilla Black Dog LED Combo for your enjoyment
Top of the line components to verify growing success
Great combo for beginners or pro growers
Great price and fast shipping
Another great item from Flora Hydroponics


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