Bypass Hand Pruning Shears, Secateurs, Clippers. 8 inch. Rugged all Steel Construction.

My aim is to keep your garden taking a look neat, tidy and taking a look beautiful
I’m 1 of your essential garden tools. As secateurs go I am not sexy but I’m very useful. I’m robust, heavy duty and hard working, and aim to come up with great value and years of faithful service. I love to spend my days trimming the dead flower heads and stems from your plants Whilst pruning shrubs and bushes are a specialty. Whilst some shears are heavy and cumbersome, at 8 ½ oz in weight, 8″ long and with non slip grips on my handles, I am comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time without your hand dropping off. On the end of the day when my work is done I like nothing better than a good wipe clean and a smearing of light oil on my working surfaces to keep them in good working order. I come risk free with a no hassle 180 day unconditional guarantee. (from date of purchase) I aim to please. Thank you for reading my description, you’ll now add me to your cart and I look ahead to meeting you soon after getting pressed the buy button.
8 inch pruning shears / secateurs all steel robust construction so no weak aluminum parts to break
Bypass action for clean cutting up to approx 1/2 ins depending on wood hardness.
Not too heavy, comfortable to hold with anti slip grip which is easy at the hands.
A simple locking mechanism helps to keep blades closed for safety when not in use.
6 months unconditional no hassle guarantee


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