Eye Hortilux PowerVEG T5 4′ HO 54W Florescent Tube 8 Pack

Have you ever seen a spectral distribution for a T5 grow bulb? Most likely you have not. That’s because what is currently available available on the market is all of the same. From brand to brand they have nothing unique or different to offer. The only real difference is their Kelvin Temperature and, contrary to popular belief, Kelvin Temperature does not impact plant growth in any way whatsoever. PowerVEG is different. Not only does it produce a well balanced spectrum for your plants, it also provides UVA and UVB. UV is an essential component of the spectrum that produces stronger, healthier plants, allowing them to produce higher quality fruits and flowers. The sooner you introduce UV to your plants, the better your end product. No other T5 bulb available on the market produces a spectrum with this quality or UV of any kind. Why PowerVEG is like no other T5 • First and only T5 to incorporate full spectrums of UVA and UVB (UVA = 315nm – 400nm : UVB = 280nm – 315nm). • Exclusive chemistry which produces UVA & UVB. • The only T5 grow lamp Made in the us!!! What PowerVEG does for your plants • Promotes extreme photosynthesis for faster growth. • Creates a stronger root system. • UV light allows for easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering. • UV light helps develop stronger healthier vegetative plants so as to produce higher yields and higher quality crops. • Creates faster producing yields, vivid colors, more flowering and better tasting crops. Warnings • For Plant Growth Only • Product contains mercury.
• PowerVEG can be utilized in any existing T5 54W HO lighting fixture
• The recommended height above the canopy of plants must be between 8″-16″. The optimal height is 12″.
• If the usage of all PowerVEG lamps in one fixture, we recommend reducing the time the lights are on by 20%. This is because of the quality of the spectrum and the amount of UV coming from the light.
• If the usage of a 50-50 mixture of PowerVEG and standard T5 lamps, no want to reduce the time lights are on.
• Promotes extreme photosynthesis for faster growth.



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