Marijuana Edition,The Grow Book and Equipment Guide


The Grow Book is- Full Color & Fully illustrated on High-Gloss paper Volume #5 is the whole thing you wish to have to know about growing marijuana indoors if you have got problems this book has answers. just compare your problem to the images in the troubleshooting section. it’s literally that simple The Grow Boss answers the entire questions customers all the time ask in this ball busting, easy-to-read, fully illustrated, manufacturer sponsored, comprehensive growing & equipment guide book. This may be the only book that explains easy methods to use the entire equipment you see that can be purchased. This 160 page book covers the whole thing… * Cloning * Digital Ballasts * Rotations * Examples garden pictures * Plant Shapes * Equipment explanations * Soil vs Hydro * Light Selection * Problem solving * Mixing nutrients * The Grow Diamond * Finishing, Trimming, Drying * Flowering Tips and trick And If you wish to have more you’ll be able to all the time watch his videos on the Grow Boss channel on YouTube.


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