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First, the scientists wanted to give a boost to upon the actual ingredients used in their 2-Part formula. The idea was to give you better “Building Blocks” for your plants to use to get bigger yields… more colorful flowers… a stronger aroma… and maximum potency. This was the first stage the team improved upon.

Next, they wanted to improve your plants’ abilities to get the maximum absorption of these nutrients because having the highest quality ingredients without ensuring your plants can fully absorb them is worthless. The scientists discovered that most growers are not seeing bigger yields with other fertilizers because their plants are not able to effectively absorb the nutrients being used.

Obviously, improving the absorption abilities of your plants greatly compounds the effectiveness of the top of the range ingredients being used!

Lastly, so that you could maximize every a part of your plants’ deepest core levels of plant bloom metabolism and floral production, the scientists developed a proprietary blend of floral growth co-factors to activate and keep watch over these core issues.

These co-factors include amino acids and amino acid precursors essential to protein formation which promote cellular metabolism, replication and other bloom processes. In addition, other proprietary co-factors create enhanced changes in how plants carry out bloom phase functions.

Let’s examine how the scientists improved these phases in developing the ultra-premium, 2-Part bloom base nutrient for grand master growers – pH Perfect® Connoisseur!

Instead of the usage of low-quality, questionable ingredients-the team at Advanced Nutrients invested heavily in putting to use only the most potent, most effective, most proven ingredients conceivable (ingredients no other company uses as a result of the high cost to both source and manufacture these ingredients into bloom fertilizers!)
Comes with A and B
pH Perfect Formula
Large increase in harvest weight





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