Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro, Grow, and Bloom – 4 Liters

First, before you start your next crop cycle, select an equal amount of clones, seedlings or transplants to use with JUNGLE JUICETM. Call this your “test” crops. Then, simply go to your favorite retail shop that carries Advanced Nutrients products and tell them you wish to have to take a look at out JUNGLE JUICETM absolutely risk-free. Next, when you get home, mix JUNGLE JUICETM exactly as directed and add it to one set of your clones or transplants. Add the common “industry standard” to the other half of seedlings. Then, you wish to have to sit down back and watch! Compare the two sets of plants as you tend to them day-by-day… and… control the set of plants you’re the usage of JUNGLE JUICETM with… Watch your plants power through their growth phase. Enjoy seeing them get greener, look stronger, and look healthier. And in the end, enjoy watching them hit the bloom phase stronger than ever before… and… produce the biggest, juiciest, smelliest, most potent buds conceivable! Lastly, after you harvest, you want to compare your two sets of crops to each other and ask yourself two very important questions: Which set of test crops looks better? Did JUNGLE JUICETM give me a better overall value? …And if you’re like our thousands of other customers who have put their plants to the JUNGLE JUICETM test… then… you can find yourself answering a resounding “YES!” to both questions.
MICRO: starts your plants off right and gives them the foundation they need by feeding them high-quality Nitrogen, Iron, Calcium, and other trace elements in the precise amounts our high-profit plants demand
GROW: provides the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and secondary minerals necessary for the types of plants we grow to THRIVE all the way through the all-important vegetative phase
BLOOM: gives your plants the Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur they need to bloom big and juicy buds and give you the maximum yield!
JUNGLE JUICE was designed from the ground up for growers like us and is guaranteed to meet your very specific demands and expectations for hydroponics nutrients
JUNGLE JUICE is guaranteed to feed your plants the specific types of nutrients they need at every stage of their start, growth, and bloom phases


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